Ewe Ship?

We purchased a few Icelandic ewes from Dark Horse Farms in Louisiana. As I was talking with the owner, Melissa Erlund, she mentioned that she had bought some ewes from the midwest and had them shipped via “Ewe-Ship.” I imagined a specialty sheep shipping service and thought, “what a cool name!”

Turns out she was referring to uShip, an internet shipping site that lets independent shippers bid on your shipment, potentially allowing you to get a great shipping rate. Someone is missing the boat by not registering eweship.com though!

Well, I don’t need any sheep shipped at the moment, but I thought, “Hey, I can deliver sheep, horses, and other livestock! Why don’t I get in on the uShip thing?” And that’s how w got started making a little extra cash for the farm. Whenever we get a chance to help someone out by transporting their animal cargo, we go ahead and bid on it with uShip. So far we’ve been as far west as El Paso, TX, North to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and east to Knoxville, TN. So far we’ve transported horses, sheep, and alpaca in our 16′ 2-horse straight load trailer with tack room. Brilliant!

If your animals need a lift give us a call or email, or simply put it up for bid on uShip (not afficliated with eweship!).


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