Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living is a lifestyle choice that allows for you and your family to provide for all of your needs in perpetuity (that is, forever). For us, it also means living in a way that is healthy for ourselves and the environment, is marked by simplicity, and fosters a renewed relationship with the soil as farmers and caretakers of the land. Sustainable living is a goal, or a promise to oneself and future generations.

For some, sustainable living means turning back the clock to a time when off-grid living was the norm; for others, sustainable living is turning the clock forward, to an imagined future when we live completely on renewable resources, and replenish, rather than deplete those resources. At Trygvasson Farm employ both strategies as appropriate to our needs and financial resources allow.

We (Raphaela and Olaf) have not lived sustainable lives, and we do not do so today. Tryggvason Farm is our attempt to move towards sustainable living, but it will take years, possibly generations, to truly achieve that goal. Our lives have been deeply embedded in American urban living, replete with dependencies on industrialized unhealthy food choices, fossil fuels, materialism, and debt. Untangling our lives from those dependencies turns out to be our greatest challenge.

This website showcases various ways that we strive for sustainable living. We hope that you find our experiences helpful for achieving your  goals as well.

Olaf Tryggvason