img_8279If you have wool sheep ready for shearing give us a call. If we can not assist you we can put you in touch with another shearer.  Have only a few sheep? No problem.

Types of Shearing

Standard Wool Production Shearing

Wool sheep are domesticated animals that have been bred for thousands of years to produce abundant fine wool for human use. Wool sheep depend on human care for their survival and well-being. Wool sheep need to be shorn once or twice a year in order to ensure the health of the animal and, in the case of ewes, that of their offspring. Unshorn sheep can suffer and die of heatstroke and are at high risk of external parasites and bacterial infection. The goal of the shearer is to remove the wool with as little stress and possible to the sheep while retaining the usability and value of the wool.


Crutching refers to the removal of wool from around the tail and between the rear legs of a sheep. It can also refer to removing the wool from the heads of sheep (wigging) or from the bellies of male sheep (singing). Ewes are often crutched prior to lambing if they are not recently shorn in order to provide the newborn lamb with a cleaner suckling area. Both ewes and rams might be crutched for sanitary purposes; that is, to prevent the collection of urine and fecies and to pre-empt fly-strike.


The price of shearing is calculated based on a variety of factors, including breed, size, sex, number, coat condition, shearing facilities or conditions, and distance the shearer must travel to the shearing site. Call or send a detailed email with pictures for an estimate.

Example Pricing Guidelines Used to Construct an Estimate

$25 Healthy lambs, yearlings, and ewes that have been shorn within the last year
$35 Healthy rams that have been shorn within the last year
$75 Llamas and Alpacas
+$5 Over 200 lbs.
+$5 Dirty or greasy wool.
+$5 Add foot trimming.
$0.30 Per mile travel surcharge over 50 miles. Calculated from 75566. May be reduced when we can combine several shearing jobs into one trip.
$200 Minimum charge excluding travel surcharge.


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